Warren Construction specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We’ve worked with bathrooms and kitchens of all sizes, upgrading everything from floors and countertops to cabinetry.

The contractors at Warren Construction will work with you on your remodeling project every step of the way. We’ll provide estimates and explore options that fit your family’s unique needs. Tell us your frustrations, and we’ll review solutions that make your life easier. Your home should work for you and your family, not the previous owners. Leave the big and small improvements to us.

Contact Warren Construction for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Clarks Summit, and surrounding areas.

Your home should make you happy all year round. Its rooms should offer convenience, insulation, and match the changes in your life. A small and crowded kitchen might have been enough a few years ago, but you may find it’s no longer working for you or your family today. You might find yourself the owner of an old home with an equally old bathroom that features broken tiles and aged plumbing. You put it off for a time, but you know it needs a remodeler. If your rooms are driving you mad with the way they look and function, it’s time to renovate.